Why Investors Should Choose SONIC Over Other Fast Service Franchises

At the core of SONIC’s business model are seven distinct themes: the drive-in experience, customization, BLADE (breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner and evening) five-daypart strategy, technology, innovation, advertising power and operational excellence.

The Drive-In Experience

The SONIC Drive-In experience is all about customization, control and choice. Customers enjoy fresh, made-to-order food delivered right to their comfort of their cars.


Since our humble beginnings in the 1950s, SONIC has always focused on customization and providing what our guests want from our innovative, made-to-order menu. In fact, we offer more than one million unique drink combinations.

BLADE Five Daypart Strategy

SONIC has a wide variety of menu items to attract customers across five distinct dayparts (breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner, evening), including the full menu all day, premium chicken, snacks, robust frozen and fountain offerings.


SONIC’s integrated technology platforms allow personalization and customization of the SONIC experience via the customer’s mobile device, whether the customer is online, on-lot or anywhere else!


SONIC has been leading the way for technology innovation from its early years, when SONIC founder Troy Smith revolutionized the ordering process by installing curbside speakers allowing customers to place orders without leaving their cars. Today, we continually look for ways to innovate and improve customer service.

Advertising Power

SONIC’s iconic Two Guys advertising campaign is one of the most successful advertising campaigns, providing instant brand recognition and unprecedented advertising muscle to SONIC franchisees on opening day and beyond. The Two Guys campaign establishes our brand even in markets where we do not yet have a physical franchise presence.

SONIC Recognized for Brand Trustworthiness

America’s Drive-In appears on Forbes’s 2016 list of 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America

SONIC Franchise recognized by ForbesAt SONIC®, building a positive relationship with our customers is our number one priority. At the center of that positive relationship is the trust our customers have in our brand. After all, our first location was founded on a dream and a handshake. It’s easy to see that trust has been a part of America’s Drive-In® from the beginning.

Since trust is so central to the SONIC brand, we’re excited to announce that we made Forbes’s 2016 list of 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America. To measure rankings, MSCI ESG Research looked at more than 2,500 publicly traded companies “with a market cap of $250 million or more to identify the 100 that most ‘consistently demonstrated transparent accounting practices and solid corporate governance.’” We’re thrilled to be on such a prestigious list and we’re proud that others are taking notice of the responsible practices that have been part of our company from the beginning.

“This is truly an honor for our company,” says Senior Director of Franchise Development Lori Osley. “We’re proud to be a brand that both customers and investors can trust. Whether it’s the consistent quality of our made-to-order food, the guaranteed deliciousness of our millions of drink combinations or the unparalleled customer service, everything about SONIC works to create one of the most trustworthy brands in America.”

SONIC is America’s Drive-In. We serve more than 3 million customers a day at more than 3,500 locations nationwide. An iconic brand with a rich heritage encompassing more than 60 years, SONIC believes in excellent customer service and developing core relationships with customers and the communities where our franchise owners operate. We are in the middle of a major nationwide expansion, which means that now is the time to join SONIC.

Here are just a few ways that SONIC gains and maintains the trust of both customers and investors year after year.

The SONIC menu delights customers every time

SONIC has a menu unlike any other player in the QSR industry. We employ a five daypart strategy to keep sales consistent all day long. The variety that SONIC provides throughout our five strong, balanced and distinct dayparts is unmatched by competitors who are typically only known as “the burger place” or “the chicken place.” Other QSR concepts and burger franchises have only one or two strong dayparts; SONIC is busy serving fresh, hot items morning through night.

sonic franchise

And there’s more to love than just our fresh and hot food. SONIC also boasts more than a million drink flavor combinations. This means that there is something for everyone, whether it’s our classic cherry limeades, our refreshing slushes or our milkshakes made with real ice cream. This degree of customization appeals especially to millennials, who value freedom of choice in their dining and comprise the largest group of consumers in the United States.

However, we serve more than just one specific demographic. That’s the beauty of SONIC. Millennials love America’s Drive-In, but so do parents, young professionals and retirees. With over 60 years in business, we have the appeal of a classic, familiar dining destination and the technical ability of a modern restaurant franchise. That’s why you’ll often see a family of several generations gathering together at one of our restaurants to celebrate everyday occasions.

America’s Drive-In has the best customer service in the business

Our top menu would be nothing without superb customer service to back it up. At SONIC, we believe in creating a destination dining experience for our guests. While we’re happy to serve guests who are looking for a quick bite to eat on the go, we also want to be a place where people can kick back and relax while they enjoy their burger and slush.

We achieve this balance by putting the customer in control of their dining experience. By leveraging technology such as our POPS (point of personalized service) system, we can make sure the customer gets exactly what they want while also suggesting items they might enjoy based on their ordering history. This makes our selling practically automatic, something that other QSR franchises can only dream of.

SONIC empowers franchisees with top management team and support

While we’re proud to have a standout menu and excellent customer service, we also do everything we can to support our franchisees. Your success is our success, and we take this very seriously: we give both new and veteran franchisees the full support of our industry-leading management team. We have a finely tuned franchise playbook to help you get the results you want. Our management team is there to answer any questions you have and guide you on your SONIC franchise journey.

SONIC Franchise

You’ll also have the backing of our marketing powerhouse, making sure people are excited about your SONIC franchise long before you even open the doors. Wildly successful television ad campaigns, such as the Two Guys campaign, build demand for our brand in cities where we have yet to open a single location. We also leverage social media and local press to ensure that everyone from Junior to Grandma gets the news that America’s Drive-In is coming to town.

Now is the time to bring a SONIC franchise to your town. We’re expanding, and we have a franchise model to suit every demographic and location around. If you are a passionate business owner with multi-unit franchise or business experience and strong liquidity and net worth, we’d love to have you as part of our franchise family.

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SONIC is Bringing Back Vintage Favorites

America’s Drive-In revitalizes classic menu with fan favorites like Pancake on a Stick while introducing innovative new slushies and other items

SONIC MenuSONIC® is always looking for ways to innovate while remaining true to our roots. Our company was born out of innovation, like when our founder, Troy Smith, placed speakers in the drive-in stalls of the very first SONIC location. Over the years, a lot has changed, but one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to the delicious, made-to-order menu items that make SONIC, America’s Drive-In® an unforgettable dining experience.

When you’re a brand that’s been in business for over 60 years, you develop a fanbase that spans generations, with everyone from Grandma to Junior turning out to gather, eat and celebrate. A bit of nostalgia inevitably accompanies this long history, with guests associating “the good old days” with their memories of SONIC.

Consequently, when we decide to revive a vintage favorite like Pancake on a Stick, customers take notice. The response to this new item has been extremely enthusiastic, with publications like Fortune, Business Insider and Brand Eating taking notice.

“The customer and media response to the return of Pancake on a Stick has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Lori Osley, Senior Director of Franchise Sales/Development Marketing. “Pancake on a Stick epitomizes SONIC’s commitment to providing a new generation of millennial consumers with dining options to fit their mobile lifestyles. At the same time, the Pancake on a Stick also appeals to long-time customers with its nostalgic, vintage associations.”

Simultaneously, we continue to innovate. We recently introduced the new Ice Cream Slush, which features SONIC’s Real Ice Cream added to any classic Slush flavor. With this new item, customers now have more ways than ever to enjoy our delicious frozen treat offerings.

SONIC is America’s Drive-In®, serving more than 3 million customers a day at more than 3,500 locations nationwide. An iconic brand with a rich heritage encompassing more than 60 years, SONIC believes in excellent customer service and developing core relationships with customers and the communities where our franchise owners operate. We are in the middle of a major nationwide expansion, which means that now is the time to join SONIC, as we set a goal of 1,000 new Drive-Ins by the end of 2024.

SONIC offers tasty food options to fit customers’ mobile lifestyles

Customers can’t stop raving about SONIC’s diverse, delicious, endlessly customizable menu options. We prepare every item fresh to ensure the utmost quality, while at the same time offering a destination dining experience that gives customers the chance to grab a quick bite or gather to celebrate life’s everyday occasions. This winning combination has kept customers coming back for generations.

Our menu is the result of over 60 years of history and innovation. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Pancake on a Stick, a past fan favorite, is making a comeback at local drive-ins. This irresistible breakfast mashup is a breakfast sausage link wrapped in a warm, fluffy pancake and served on a stick with a side of sweet, maple syrup.

“Our Pancake on a Stick is the ultimate breakfast combination, with a pancake wrapped around a savory sausage, that’s perfect for guests on the go,” said Scott Uehlein, Vice President of Product Innovation and Development at SONIC. “The new Breakfast Deals, including the Pancake on a Stick, give guests the chance to customize their morning with a variety of their favorite breakfast items.”

The SONIC menu maximizes five dayparts to keep revenues consistent

The SONIC menu is like nothing else in the QSR space. While other QSR franchises typically experience “slumps” in business during the late afternoon and late evening, SONIC’s menu is specially designed to ensure consistent sales throughout all five parts of the day. We call this the BLADE strategy (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, Evening), and it’s one of the keys to SONIC’s steady year-over-year sales growth.


What’s more, the sheer diversity of our menu options means that there’s something for everyone no matter what the time of day. Whether it’s a busy white-collar worker who needs a portable breakfast before work, a construction worker looking to grab a filling lunch or a soccer mom who wants to grab her kids a frozen treat after a sports practice, America’s Drive-In is there to meet the need.

The new Ice Cream Slush is a perfect example of this multiple daypart strategy. Adding this item to our SONIC Nights promotion is just one more reason for customers to come to SONIC at night, helping to keep sales volume up when other QSR franchises are practically empty.

“By offering such a variety of craveable, one-of-a-kind ingredients mixed into our rich, creamy Real Ice Cream, our guests are able to have a new Shake experience every night of the week for half price,” said Scott Uehlein. “This year, we added the new Ice Cream Slush, marrying our tangy, famous, real fruit Slush flavors with Real Ice Cream, making SONIC the perfect place to socialize with your friends and family at an unbeatable price.”

America’s Drive-In is the perfect fit for your local community

Just as SONIC’s menu has something for every customer’s need, SONIC also has a concept to fit communities both big and small. We offer a variety of franchise models that work everywhere from a busy travel plaza to an all-American small town. Wherever you are, there’s likely a franchise opportunity that works for you.

SONIC is in the midst of a major expansion push, with particular interest in bringing our brand to the Midwest and Northeast. At the same time, there is still plenty of room for growth in our core territories. What matters most is that you’re a savvy entrepreneur who knows your local community better than anyone. If this sounds like you, we’d love you to become part of the SONIC franchise family.

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SONIC Franchise Review: An Interview with Arkansas Owner Greg Rowden

Longtime SONIC Drive-In franchise owner Greg Rowden on living out the American dream through decades of SONIC success

Greg Rowden began his career with SONIC Drive-In as a carhop and cook when he was a 15-year-old freshman in high school. Since then, Greg Rowden has built an empire of nearly 30 successful SONIC Drive-In franchise locations in his home state of Arkansas. Greg’s success through the decades is an embodiment of the American dream that franchising with America’s Drive-In has given to so many entrepreneurs since our founding over 60 years ago.

After opening his first SONIC Drive-In in his hometown of Searcy, Arkansas, in 1990, Greg continued to expand. Greg entered into a formal business partnership in 2001 with partners Ricky Davis and David Hall, both seasoned SONIC veterans with close to 80 years of experience between them, as DHR SONIC Group.

“SONIC is one of those great American success stories. You really do get to work your way up. I was actually working at SONIC while I was going to college. I ended up staying in SONIC and today, along with my two partners, I own 28 stores across the state of Arkansas,” says Greg.

Greg recently shared his excitement for the SONIC brand which is still strong after 35 years and his plans to expand to 50 locations by 2026. He discussed his long-term success with SONIC as well as the bright future of the beloved American drive-in as we innovate, embrace technology and stay ahead of customer trends, all while staying true to our iconic brand’s roots and offering what no other QSR can offer.

Sonic Franchise Review

This is his story.

What do you think about the direction SONIC is headed in?

I love the fact that we are going into a new modern era using new technologies and we are extremely proactive in being at the cutting edge of those new technologies. The unique thing about SONIC is we always pay tribute to our past and stay true to our roots. That’s one of the things I love most about SONIC. We’re not eliminating carhops. We’re not suddenly doing anything but sit down restaurants or drive-thrus and no stalls. We try to stay as true to our roots as possible, all while being adaptable. I love the direction SONIC is going in because we push the envelope as far as technology, but we are staying true to our roots.

Tell us how the SONIC culture is unique.

Part of growing up in the SONIC system is knowing that everyone is available to you. From what I hear after speaking with other business owners is that is unique to us at SONIC. The thing I love about SONIC is literally we can call or email anybody at any time and we get an immediate response. I don’t care if it’s an emergency question or if it’s just “hey, I’m kind of wondering about this.” To me it speaks volumes about our culture and family-oriented nature. I really feel like I am part of that national SONIC family. I’ve been the president of the local advertising co-op and many initiatives through the years that enhance that family-type relationship so unique to SONIC. I’ve literally been able to email or call our CEO Cliff Hudson if I want to.

What personal attributes make a successful SONIC franchisee?

I think a potential franchisee has to have a sincere love of people and a desire to be a part of a family culture. What we find is that this is not the path for someone who wants to jump into any business that will make money. But if they love people and they really want to come and embrace our culture it’s really a wonderful home.

What do you think about the Two Guys campaign?

I’m a sucker for humor. I love to laugh, so I love their brand of humor and I think it’s unique to SONIC. I love the way they approach things. I fell in love with them 20-something years ago before they even got on TV because I was part of the franchise advisory council who got to preview some of the ads. One thing I do know about those two guys is they drive interest. Whether you love them or hate them, you tend to watch them and identify with them.

Sonic Franchise ReviewHow do the strong dayparts at SONIC help build your business and customer base?

Our customers have become so loyal over time. And I think that goes back to the uniqueness of our menu and our concept. We have those customers who come every morning to get a breakfast burrito and we have the 99-cent drink stop where they can get a large Vanilla Diet Coke. We have a lot of business people who come in and have a cheeseburger on their lunch break and read their newspaper in their car. We have tons of parents who are picking up their kids from school who stop in to try our drinks. Then we have our dinner rush.

What’s unique about our menu is the customization. No matter who you have in the car and what their desires are, we’ve got something for them. You may have a mom who has been busy all day and they really want a Breakfast Toaster at 7 o’clock at night while someone else gets a Chili Cheese Coney and somebody else gets a cheeseburger. Our late evenings have become dominated with unique ice cream items. It’s also unique how our customers have learned to customize all of our food and drinks.

How does SONIC’s training help you succeed as a franchisee?

I feel like SONIC has the best training program there is. My business partners and I personally believe it’s so valuable that we send every manager and assistant manager to SONIC training schools all over the country because we know that investment will come back to us and when they come back they will be better for it.

Tell us about the dynamic formula for success behind your business partnership.

I’m sort of the spokesperson and extrovert. I do whatever I can to support and encourage the team. We each have our own unique gift. David’s gift is in finances. Ricky is the developer and he has passion and the unique eye for going into some of these small towns and launching very successful SONIC locations.

We own a SONIC Drive-In in a small town called Quitman, Arkansas, with just 700-something people. At first David and myself just laughed at Ricky. After about a year of him being persistent about the traffic and the opportunity in that community he won David over but I was the lone standout. So for another year, the two of them tried to convince me we would make it there. Finally I said, “OK, I believe in you guys, but I just want to go on record to say I get the opportunity to say ‘I told you so.’” So we build the Quitman location and it opens at $1.5 million in annual sales from the get go. It does extremely well profit wise, as well as people wise. And so they tell me I no longer have the right to say “no.”

How does SONIC differ from other QSRs in the industry?

It’s all about people. I was taught that SONIC is not a burger business, it is a people business. Our commitment to our people and our relationships plus our unique culture is what makes us different from other QSRs. Most other QSRs are based on either operations or facilities. They are almost a cookie-cutter approach.

At SONIC we also have unbelievably loyal customers. We know most of our customers by name and we’ve even had customers bring carhops Christmas presents. If you interviewed any of our customers they would not refer to our SONIC as the SONIC or the SONIC at this location, they would say “my SONIC.” You can’t be in one of our towns without seeing SONIC as sponsors of everything. Our teams do things that show that we care. It’s just a uniqueness that you don’t see anywhere else in the business.

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Longtime South Carolina SONIC Franchisee Grey Simpson Plans Expansion

An interview with a successful multi-unit owner on why he’s investing in the future

Multi-unit franchisee Grey Simpson’s successful SONIC® career spans more than two decades, and he is just as excited about our iconic brand’s momentum today as he was when he opened his first location in 1993. With seven locations in his portfolio in the greater Charleston area, he is excited about his plans to develop five more SONIC Drive-Ins over the next three years.

Sonic Franchise Review
Multi-unit franchisee Grey Simpson owns seven SONIC Drive-Ins in South Carolina and has signed an agreement to open five more in the greater Charleston area.

“Today when you open a store in almost any market they know what SONIC is.  SONIC has done a lot of work to have that pent-up demand and we’ve benefitted from that, allowing us to grow from one store to seven stores and soon to be 12 stores – and then who knows? It’s provided me and my family with a fantastic life and it’s allowed us some freedom. It’s still hard work, but I think any job worth it’s while is hard work,” Grey says.

Whether he’s working one-on-one with his team members behind the counter or interacting with the local PTA, he’s fully immersed in SONIC. The past five years have been pivotal for Grey, who hired a CFO in 2012 to grow his successful portfolio of restaurants. By 2013, SONIC’s Two Guys advertising campaign had rolled out nationwide, and in 2015 Grey saw the momentum building for SONIC and decided to pursue five more stores.

Grey is as committed to his employees as he is to growing the SONIC brand. He enjoys visiting locations and interacting with the men and women who make his SONIC Drive-Ins a popular community destination.

“Seeing them become successful within these restaurants has been the most rewarding part for me,” Grey says. “It’s definitely my favorite part of being a SONIC franchisee, the getting involved in these kids’ or young adults’ lives. It’s fun and it’s rewarding helping them move up the ladder and make a good living.”

His wife, Shelby, believes his commitment to his employees makes a huge difference and serves as a great example for their two children. “He genuinely cares about his employees and asks about them and tries to help them if they need help,” Shelby says. “They want to work for him and do well for him, and they don’t want to disappoint him because they care about him just as much as he cares about them.”

Grey recently shared his thoughts on his longtime career with SONIC and how the SONIC Drive-In brand continues to innovate and build brand awareness.

What sets SONIC apart from other QSR concepts in the industry?

We’ve always had something over other big players in the QSR business, and that is our one-on-one relationship with each customer. We deliver their food to their car, and we have the ability to check back with them like a full-service restaurant. Now with the 20/20 Vision strategy being put in place, the ability to interact with our customers through smartphone technology and digital platforms is really attractive and exciting for the brand.

What would you tell someone interested in becoming a SONIC franchisee?

The customer loyalty to SONIC is really high. I also like the ease at which you can work with SONIC on the corporate level and the level of franchise support they offer. They are very hands-on and very hands-off at the same time. They are very willing to help when they can.

How does our advertising strategy benefit franchisees?

KB8_8304_1000pxToday when you open a store in almost any market, they know what SONIC is. SONIC has done a lot of work to build that demand, and we as franchisees have benefitted from that. It’s allowed me to grow from one store to seven stores and soon to be 12 stores – and then who knows? My career with SONIC has provided me and my family with a fantastic life, and it’s allowed us some freedom. It’s still hard work, but I think any job worth its while is hard work.

How does the SONIC’s strong daypart strategy maximize profitability?

Because of the five-part BLADE strategy that SONIC has developed, we do a better job than anyone else of exploiting the “off” dayparts — with our afternoon drink happy hours and the late-night business. SONIC has really gone after that business. It also makes our restaurants easier to staff because you do have business across all dayparts without any downtime. SONIC has also done a great job of adding variety to the menu, such as a lot of limited-time offers that have really been successful.

How do you stay connected to the local community?

We do a lot of fundraising, with our biggest efforts being local school Share Nights. We get involved with the local PTAs; there is actually a waiting list because our fundraising efforts have worked so well. School PTAs will come to one of our locations, and they work as our servers and carhops for the night. They promote the event and announce it, and they get a portion of sales for the evening — as well as 100 percent of the tips.

What do you enjoy about work every day?

It’s the people that I work with. I get most excited about improving the lives of people I work with and giving them an opportunity to be successful — because honestly in the industry we are in, it’s kind of a different crowd of folks. I like seeing kids that really just come out to work a part-time job, and they really get addicted to it and love it. The next thing you know, they are a unit manager and a partner with me and making a good living. I like the fast pace of it, and I like being able to make changes that can affect you pretty quickly.

What do you order when you visit one of your seven SONIC locations?

I still eat the SONIC brand favorites — a plain double cheeseburger with a milkshake every now and then. Those are my go-tos.

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