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For Franchise Information, email [email protected]

Amhad Awik Finds Lifetime Career with SONIC

Executive has ongoing passion for SONIC operations

After arriving in the United States from Lebanon to attend college, SONIC® quickly became one of Ahmad Awik’s favorite dining spots.

As a student, Ahmad became a regular customer. He and his wife would go on dates to take advantage of Family Night which featured savings on burgers.

Ahmad’s love for SONIC continues to grow. In 1993, he joined SW Karma, LLC and today serves as its vice president of operations. The group owns and operates more than two dozen SONIC Drive-Ins.

“I don’t feel like I’m working,” Ahmad says. “I feel like I’ve been investing my time with my people. I don’t call it work. I call it a passion.”

Reflecting upon the day he saw a lighted “Help Wanted” sign in the window of a SONIC Drive-In located on Butler Avenue in Flagstaff, Ahmad realized that he valued his customer experience with SONIC so much that he wanted to work there.

“I just went in and shook the manager’s hand and said I’d really like to have an opportunity here, but my hours are limited,” he says. “The manager said that’s not a problem.”

Graduating with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and a minor in mathematics, he had his mind set on working for SONIC. Working his way up, he became a manager and then a director overseeing several stores and their respective supervisors. Ahmad began helping SONIC’s Dennis Murphy grow the franchise system. “I started working with him when he had five locations,” Ahmad said, “When he sold it, we had 48 locations.”

“Going into a market that nobody has tapped into as an investor means you’re going to be investing in a recognizable business,” he says. “They will quickly see that nobody can do what SONIC does. Everybody tries to imitate what SONIC does, but they can’t.

“We have so many undeveloped markets but people in them already love SONIC because of our effective national marketing,” Ahmad adds. “It doesn’t matter where people live in the country; they’re exposed to a SONIC ad.

“The people running the operation are family-oriented people who care and believe,” he continues. “They wake up in the morning and ask ‘What can I do to make SONIC’s brand better than it was yesterday?’ That’s what really drives SONIC towards a better future moving forward.”

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