For Franchise Information, email [email protected]
For Franchise Information, email [email protected]

Customization Propels the SONIC Experience

Our unique drive-in model, carhop service and technology personalize the customer experience

SONIC chickenAt SONIC® we’ve taken a nostalgic restaurant model that conjures up memories of simpler times and paired it with modern technology, creating a personalized customer experience that no other QSR in the industry offers.

Our drive-in and carhop service model are a winning formula for SONIC, solidifying us as one of the most unique QSRs in the industry and boosting our bottom line. SONIC franchisees saw average gross sales-by-store increase from $1,072,000 in 2012 to $1,246,000 in 2015, with almost 25 percent of our stores exceeding $1.5 million in annual sales. We have leveraged new technology, such as our POPS (Point of Personalized Service) screens, to strengthen the one-on-one connection with the consumer. Add to that the unique carhop service that we have employed for decades, and you have just one more level of customization to elevate the buying experience to a memorable moment.

“We’ve always been a brand that’s focused on one-to-one connection with the consumer. That’s really what the drive-in model facilitates,” says Chief Development and Strategy Officer John Budd. “We have carhops coming to the car engaging directly with the consumer, and now we’ve laid technology on top of that so we can personalize the message at the drive-in screen to that individual consumer. Our upgraded technology, such as our POPS screens, tailors the experience to what the consumer needs, such as an offer for their favorite menu item.”

SONIC is America’s Drive-In®, serving more than 3 million customers a day at more than 3,500 locations nationwide. An iconic brand with a rich heritage encompassing more than 60 years, SONIC believes in excellent customer service and developing core relationships with customers and the communities where our franchise owners operate. We are in the middle of a major nationwide expansion, capitalizing on a series of historic revenue increases. Joining SONIC makes more sense than ever.

Drive-in model and carhops deliver magic no other QSR has

At SONIC our root business model is a drive-in business with carhops. Customers push a red button and the magic happens. The drive-in model gives the customer full control of their restaurant experience, allowing them to decide when they want to engage. You may have 20 stalls with 20 people all simultaneously having completely personal experiences.

At the typical competitor QSR, however, the process drives the customer — who is herded into line, forced to wait behind a counter and processed through as quickly as possible.

“No one can deliver the kind of service model that we provide. It’s a highly-personalized experience,” says Senior Vice President of Franchise Relations Eddie Saroch.

POPS system helps customers control their experience

SONIC developed POPS, the proprietary Point of Personal Service system that increases efficiencies and drives sales. Through suggestive selling and customer engagement, the touchscreen menu boards serve double duty as both a place to order food and an incredibly effective promotional medium.

ManPressingRedButton_1000pxA soccer mom craving a Breakfast Toaster at 8 p.m. can still order her morning favorite, while her kids choose burgers, tots and Cherry Limeades. Through POPS, she can see her order, know it is correct and consider any of the suggested sides and add-ons, all the while taking part in promotions and other sales campaigns.

SONIC has been an innovator since its humble beginnings of installing speakers in drive-in stalls in the 1950s.

“Technology is a way to differentiate and control the customer experience. We can identify consumers and market to their preferences individually, whether it’s through the POPS screen, their smartphone or a social media app,” says Senior Vice President of Development Drew Ritger.

Bring the SONIC franchise to your community today

There’s never been a better time to open a SONIC Drive-In franchise in your community. We offer a QSR investment with remarkable momentum driven by three things: leadership from our best-in-class franchise support team, a diverse menu that maximizes all five dayparts and the unprecedented brand recognition generated by our popular Two Guys national advertising campaign.

SONIC is expanding into communities across the country, with available territories across the United States. The franchise fee for a single unit is $45,000, with a total estimated investment for a traditional SONIC ranging from $1.02 million to $1.77 million (excluding land).

Learn more about the SONIC franchise

For in-depth details about the SONIC Drive-In franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.