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Happy Hour(s): The Sonic BLADE and 1.5 Million Drink Combos

America’s Drive-In combines five dayparts and virtually infinite drink choices to drive sales

When it comes to a refreshing pick-me-up, customers reliably turn to SONIC Drive-In for that quick bump of caffeine in the morning, to sate their sweet tooth in the evening, or for the time-honored after-school snack. With 1.5 million unique drink choices, SONIC® customers can experience something new with each and every visit.

SONIC slush

“You don’t have to just do a combo meal. You can order a dessert or a frozen favorite treat. You can order a drink. You can order a snack. You can do any combination in between,” says Senior Vice President of Development Drew Ritger, who adds that the diverse options on SONIC’s menu keep customers coming back again and again. Routine visits drive sales and increase revenues.  From morning to night, customers can turn to SONIC. “That lends itself to being able to have every daypart contribute in certain ways.”

SONIC® is America’s Drive-In, serving more than 3 million customers a day at more than 3,500 locations nationwide. An iconic brand with a rich heritage encompassing more than 60 years, SONIC believes in excellent customer service and developing core relationships with customers and the communities where our franchise owners operate. We are in the middle of a major nationwide expansion, capitalizing on a series of historic revenue increases, and joining SONIC makes more sense than ever.

SONIC’s BLADE is unique and powerful

SONIC maximizes dayparts like no other QSR in the industry, preventing an identity that is over-reliant on one particular menu stronghold. Our full menu is offered all day long, so customers get what they want when they want it, whether it’s a quick shake or piping hot Ched ‘R’ Peppers®.

Roughly 48% of business at SONIC locations comes during lunch and dinner, built around the SONIC Burger and Coney combo meals. For the remainder of the day, SONIC keeps carhops hopping through Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner and Evening — the five BLADE dayparts — with diverse offerings of sweets and treats.

“SONIC customers use us more broadly — rather than just breakfast, lunch or dinner,” Drew says. “BLADE gives us a great platform to use our innovation to be able to make each of those dayparts more relevant.”

Sonic Drive In Franchise

Drive-in franchise market is booming

Driven by new franchises and increased revenues, SONIC is booming. Industry analysts point out over and over again that SONIC is growing at an impressive clip with no signs of slowing down.

Same-store revenues are continuing to grow, as are the numbers of franchisees and locations across the nation. The verdict is in, and whether it’s the highly visible Two Guys advertising campaign or the community-focused Limeades for Learning social media push, customers are turning to SONIC in record numbers, making now one of the best times ever to join SONIC, America’s Drive-In.

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