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How SONIC’s National Buying Power Benefits Franchisees

America’s Drive-In leverages over $1.2 billion national buying power to optimize operational efficiency, raise brand awareness and achieve steady sales growth

SONIC's Buying PowerWhen you decide to start a new business venture, you want to make sure you’re investing your hard-earned capital in a way that minimizes potential risks and maximizes potential revenue. If you decide to invest in a SONIC® franchise, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a brand that will use its large national buying power to help your new franchise thrive.

With a national purchasing power of over $1.2 billion, SONIC is a QSR powerhouse. We leverage our substantial purchasing power to spread awareness of your franchise, all while optimizing operational efficiency to keep costs low. Consequently, America’s Drive-In® continues to see year-over-year growth in average sales, making now an exciting time to invest in a SONIC franchise.

“America’s Drive-In is in a time of substantial growth and expansion,” says Lori Osley, Senior Director of Franchise Sales/Development Marketing. “We’re moving beyond our core territories and turning our sights to the still largely untapped markets on the East and West coasts. As we expand, we’re using our 10-figure national buying power to create demand for our brand even in markets where we have no physical presence. At the same time, we’re using unit-level economics to keep costs down and sales high. We remain committed to serving unmatched food and beverage options backed by superior customer service and a ‘destination’ dining experience.”

SONIC is America’s Drive-In, serving more than 3 million customers a day at more than 3,500 locations nationwide. An iconic brand with a rich heritage encompassing more than 60 years of history, SONIC believes in excellent customer service and developing core relationships with customers and the communities where our franchise owners operate. We are in the middle of a major nationwide expansion, which means that now is the time to join SONIC, as we set a goal of 1,000 new Drive-Ins by the end of 2024.

If you decide to join us in this expansion push, you’ll have our superstar brand and massive purchasing power behind you the whole time, making your investment a smart QSR franchise pick.

SONIC optimizes unit-level economics for maximum efficiency

At SONIC, we’re all about helping you maximize your investment. One way we do this is to optimize unit-level economics, leveraging our national buying power and closely analyzing individual store sales to continually improve efficiency. Furthermore, our franchise leadership team is unmatched, and our teams work collaboratively to maximize efficiency and profits across all facets of the business. Having such a team behind you is essential to making your franchise venture a model of excellence.

SONIC's Buying Power

National buying power of over $1.2 billion helps us control costs system-wide. In addition, SONIC’s purchasing department works closely with marketing and innovation teams to ensure every SONIC restaurant has 100-percent availability of the right product at the best costs. As a franchisee, this level of support lets you focus on other activities such as managing your teams and building business relationships in your community.

Large advertising budget and innovative marketing create pent-up demand for SONIC in growth territories

While the foundation of SONIC’s business model is creating a destination where customers can enjoy quality, fresh food and beverages with exceptional service, we also support these core efforts with a marketing engine that’s second to none.

We use our national cable advertising campaign, which is a large portion of our $200 million annual marketing budget, to achieve automatic brand recognition in geographic regions that are not yet home to SONIC. This means people are excited about your franchise before you decide to open the doors; and when you do open the doors, you’ll have customers eagerly waiting.

What’s more, advertising campaigns such as our wildly successful Two Guys appeal especially to millennials, who make up the largest group of consumers in the United States with a total population of 80 million. According to research from Morgan Stanley, 53 percent of millennials eat out once a week, which represents a substantial market your SONIC franchise can serve.

America’s Drive-In uses substantial purchasing power to achieve steady sales growth

SONIC’s commitment to operational excellence, backed by our national purchasing power and brand recognition, have helped us achieve steady growth. We experienced five consecutive years of growth from 2012 to 2016, with average sales growing from $1.07 million to $1.28 million.

As we expand, we plan to continue this growth trend, and we’re looking for the best of the best entrepreneurs to help us realize our vision. With markets all along the East and West coast without a substantial SONIC presence, as well as core markets with plenty of room for growth, a SONIC franchise represents one of the most exciting potential investments in the contemporary QSR space.

SONIC is a great fit for both communities big and small, with the potential for locations in all different kinds of markets. We offer a menu that maximizes sales across all five dayparts, keeping revenue steady at times of the day when other QSR franchises typically see business slumps. Every step of the way, we’ll support you with an industry-leading training program designed to set new franchises up for success.

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