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For Franchise Information, email [email protected]

SONIC’s Creative Social Media Campaigns Connect with Millennial Fanbase

SONIC’s groundbreaking creative marketing increases brand awareness

In today’s technology-driven age, Sonic Drive-In’s innovative marketing campaigns, designed for increased interaction on fans’ social media channels, build brand awareness and drive sales. These popular and creative efforts feature sharable images, videos and hashtags.

“At SONIC®, our teams create one-of-a-kind content that is shareable, drives our business and solidifies the SONIC brand as among the most innovative in our space,” says President and Chief Marketing Officer Todd Smith.

From America’s Drive-In to our award-winning Two Guys campaign, SONIC consistently delivers high-visibility advertising that leaves an indelible mark on audiences and boosts the bottom line. Here are a few highlights of some of the more recent efforts.

SONIC #SquareShakes take center stage at Coachella

We launched the #SquareShakes campaign, a one-of-a-kind product specifically designed for Instagram and our 200,000 followers on the popular image sharing network, during the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in April. The Sonic Square Shakes were served in a photogenic square container, allowing the one-of-a-kind drinks to be showcased perfectly on Instagram’s square image platform.

In addition to the unique shakes themselves, the campaign was noteworthy for its “shop on demand” integration. Through the ad placed on SONIC’s Instagram account, fans selected a shake, which was hand-delivered through geo-targeting. Upon delivery, fans paid for their shake simply by posting a picture with the hashtag #SquareShakes.

The #SquareShakes campaign drew national attention and garnered publicity for the brand in both traditional and online medial channels. Advertising industry trades called the campaign “delightful,” while social networking-driven “clickbait” sites latched on to the colorful Instagram posts in numerous viral offerings.

Leveraging digital engagement drives business

2 Guys SDI Launch Image_1000px
Coachella wasn’t the only place to find innovative hashtag-driven brand marketing. This summer’s #AmazeYourMouth campaign promoting our Lemonade and Frozen Limeade drinks is another example of creative, direct-to-consumer digital engagement. Our beloved Two Guys — comedians Peter Grosz and T.J. Jagodowsky — joined numerous other actors and influencers in a series of campy, share-worthy online animated videos starring Sipsters, cartoonish characters painted around the actors’ mouths.

As SONIC increases our digital engagement strategy with personalized offers to fans and new customers through our app and menu boar
ds, brand awareness already built by the popular Two Guys campaign will continue to have a positive impact. When combined with innovative, click-driven campaigns like #AmazeYourMouth, franchisees benefit from buzz-driven brand infiltration.

“Because of our strong brand awareness with consumers, when people start getting our social media advertising and text offers they know who we are — and the messaging becomes extremely relevant. They use the offers, which keeps our sales volume high. That’s a byproduct of the national media, the Two Guys, and then the ability to take product innovation and product quality combined with the social and text offers. All this is driving business,” says Senior Vice President of Development Drew Ritger.

Now that millennials have transitioned into the largest demographic, leveraging technology to customize orders and build digital engagement will take our business to a completely different level versus our competition.