How Does SONIC Leverage Technology to Drive Revenue?

Iconic drive-in franchise utilizes technological advancements to drive sales, grow brand equity and win new customers

While drive-ins may have a nostalgic look and feel, the reason SONIC has remained successful over 60 years in business is that the brand continues to innovate on its proven business model by leveraging cutting edge technology to connect with customers.

From the start, SONIC prided itself on its commitment to continued innovation. As one of the pioneers of customization, SONIC has won millions of fans by providing one of the most forward thinking menus in the QSR industry. By including all five day-parts, and introducing new items at a constant clip, SONIC provides its customers with a universe of options at any time of day or night.

In the 2000s, the brand proved its ability to connect with customers, especially the hard-won millennial demographic, with the enormously successful, “Two Guys” television campaign. Recognizing that the way to reach a wider audience was through humor, the “Two Guys” campaign has helped win brand recognition in markets where SONIC franchise locations are yet to be built, and the campaign continues to be wildly popular today with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt co-stars Ellie Kemper and Jane Krakowski cracking up television audiences.

Today, SONIC continues its commitment to innovation with the introduction of a revolutionary mobile app. Launched in the spring of 2018, the app is making the drive-in experience more convenient than ever before. It’s menu perfectly mirrors the look and feel of SONIC’s iconic drive-thru menu screens in a fun and interactive way. More importantly, the app significantly decreases the customers wait time, as customers can place their order at their nearest SONIC location and know the exact time their order will be ready — and they never have to leave their cars, as their local carhop will bring their orders directly to them.

SONIC utilizes technology to find the locations with best profit-potential

Real estate isn’t getting any cheaper, and as SONIC rapidly opens new restaurants in markets across the country, franchise owners can be assured that their locations have long-term viability and the ability to grow.

SONIC utilizes a team of real estate experts to work alongside new franchise owners to help them secure prime locations in their market.

“With real estate — it’s all about finding the right site,” says Johnny Jones, VP of Real Estate and Development. “On the real estate side, we have five professionals who are geographically spaced across the country. We have about 100 years of expertise in real estate and site selection between us. If you sign up to be a franchisee with SONIC, you will be aligned with a real estate director who knows where the opportunities are, and we act as a liaison to help you through the purchase of the property.”

While franchisees have access to real estate experts to help them, SONIC also utilizes robust data and technology to aid in the search for locations. Watch as Jones explains how SONIC utilizes technology to help franchisees with real estate.

The future of SONIC is brighter than ever before

While SONIC continues to lead the QSR industry in leveraging revolutionary technology to enhance the customer experience and help franchisees secure real estate, franchisees coming on board can be assured that SONIC will continue to innovate on its business model going forward.

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