More than just a drive-in franchise!

SONIC Franchise Models

We offer franchise models beyond our traditional drive-in franchise to meet growing demand in expanding markets

At SONIC® we have expanded beyond the original drive-in model established in the 1950s to meet the growing need for consumers and growing demand for our restaurants in areas beyond our core footprint. We have been an integral part of the American landscape for more than 60 years, and we are excited about expanding into new areas.

Although our drive-in franchises are the foundation of our brand, SONIC embraces innovation and we have modified our original design to meet different geographic footprints and consumer needs. Because of this flexibility, we are expanding in areas beyond our historically strong regional footprint in the South and Southwest into areas along the East Coast, the West Coast and everywhere in between. What works well for one region may not work well for another, and we conduct extensive research and rely on the most updated data to determine the perfect site for all of our restaurants, as well as the perfect franchise model.

SONIC offers counter-service models, perfect for airports and shopping malls, as well as travel plaza models. We work closely with franchisees on site selection and can also ascertain whether a conversion of an existing retail space makes sense for a particular area.

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SONIC Traditional Drive-In Franchise

SONIC drive-in franchises

Our original drive-in model is the core of our business. This standard store layout typically features 10 to 24 drive-in stalls, patio seating and requires a site that is approximately ¾ of an acre for optimum build-out.

SONIC Indoor Dining Model

As SONIC expands into northern climates, such as in upstate New York, we have adapted our original store design to meet customer needs. Our newly designed indoor dining rooms are ideally suited for the colder weather. These models also offer patio seating, as well as a drive-thru.
Indoor dining at SONIC drive-in franchises

SONIC Travel Plaza Model

SONIC end-cap units as part of busy travel plazas have done well as travelers on busy thoroughfares look for familiar dining options that are consistently high-quality and high-value. This model typically does not include the familiar parking stalls and canopies found in the traditional SONIC Drive-In.
SONIC is more than just a drive-in franchise

SONIC Conversion Model

We can work with franchisees to convert existing restaurant facilities into a SONIC restaurant in the most cost-effective way possible, utilizing the existing kitchen, dining area and patron restrooms facilities. In some instances, converting an existing building is best if the site location is determined to be optimal in a particular area.
A drive-in franchise that can adapt: SONIC

SONIC Counter-Service Model

The counter-service model does well in airports and busy mall and campus food courts where foot traffic is high. This model is true to our strong branding and stellar food quality and customer service.

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