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Our franchisees are an extended family committed to excellence

At SONIC® franchising, relationships are a way of life and ingrained in our culture as a core value. Communication and collaboration with franchisees are integral parts of who we are and how we operate.

Many members of our franchisee family are multi-unit owners deeply involved with their local communities. We also attract families who want to make SONIC a multi-generational family business as multi-unit operators.

“There’s really not a single significant initiative that doesn’t have franchisee involvement and testing. SONIC is a very people-driven and relationship-driven culture. The result of this over time is that you get much greater communication, collaboration, and a much higher rate of trust than you see elsewhere,” says President Claudia San Pedro.

Meet our Franchise Owners:

“I saw that if I could insert myself at any point in the SONIC franchisee system, it would have huge returns in the future. I see myself growing as rapidly as possible, and as fast as SONIC Corporation can give me locations.”

—Praveen Aranha
Multi-unit franchisee in Houston, Texas

“Giving back to the community has elevated our business. We don’t miss an opportunity to be part of a charity. We have a reputation as SONIC, and we are right at the forefront of every event. Just about any event in town, you’ll see the SONIC logo on it; that’s how we built our business. We were the forerunner in a lot of things going on in SONIC today, and I still think it’s the best franchise and would recommend it to anyone.”

— Jerry and Denise Conway
Multi-unit franchisees in Texas and recipients of the Troy Smith Award

“We still feel like we have opportunity for growth in the markets we serve, and we will continue to build as long as we can.”

— Tony Simpkins
Multi-unit franchisee in Austin, Texas

“I love the direction of the brand. It’s investing in automation, it’s investing in the customer experience, it supports its franchisees at a lot of different levels and a lot of different disciplines. And it’s remained unique to the quick-service restaurant business. We get a lot of operations support. And I think from a marketing standpoint this is probably the best-marketed brand in this business sector.”

—Max Gelwix
Multi-unit franchisee in California

“We were the first store in the whole area of Long Island, there’s over 3 million people there, and people knew the brand and they loved it!”

– Spencer Hart
Multi-unit franchisee in New York

“Sonic has such great brand recognition, which is something one thing you really want in a franchise. The building layouts, the carhops, the huge menu, the drinks, everything about that is very appealing.”

– Blake Haines
Multi-unit franchisee in New York

Here is what some of our amazing SONIC franchisees have to say:

“I love the direction SONIC is going in. We are pushing the envelope in terms of technology, but we are staying true to our roots. Another thing I love about SONIC is that we as franchisees can call or email anybody at any time at the corporate office and get an immediate response. That speaks volumes about our culture and family-oriented business. I feel like I am part of the national SONIC family. We also have unbelievably loyal customers. If you interviewed any of our customers they would not refer to our SONIC as ‘the SONIC’ or ‘the SONIC at this location’; it would be ‘my SONIC.’ ”

— Greg Rowden
Multi-unit franchisee in Arkansas

“We have relationships with our customers. That’s not common in a lot of other quick-service restaurants, and I think they just respond to that. You become very passionate about it and just can’t imagine doing anything else.”

—Angela Owen
Multi-unit franchisee in Durant, Oklahoma

“What we are seeing is incremental visits and higher sales. SONIC is a great brand with great people, and everyone is working together. If we’re not successful, the brand’s not successful.”

—Seth Wolken
Multi-unit franchisee in Chicago

“Our franchisor’s management style is very focused on involvement from franchisees and working together as a team. I really feel that we and the brand are just scratching the surface for what can be possible in the future.”

—Rick Timmons
Multi-unit franchisee in Utah and Idaho

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