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The SONIC Menu Maximizes Five Dayparts

We call it Menu Heaven; customers call it delicious

At SONIC®, we keep our carhops hopping and our customers happy with a profitable and popular menu that’s appealing day or night, whether diners want a chili cheese dog, a cherry limeade or a traditional burger. The variety that SONIC provides throughout our five strong, balanced and distinct dayparts is unmatched by competitors who are typically just known as “the burger place” or “the chicken place.” Other QSR concepts and burger franchises have only one or two strong dayparts; SONIC is busy serving fresh, hot items morning through night.

We prepare all our food fresh to order, and we never place sandwiches under warming lights. We grill our tasty burgers and whip up our amazing drinks from scratch. At SONIC, we believe in giving customers what they want, how they want it. Maximizing menu options across all five dayparts translates to increased sales at the drive-in.

“You’ve got 24-hour real estate with a SONIC,” says Claudia San Pedro, President of SONIC. “Utilizing the real estate, the equipment and the labor as efficiently as possible is great from an investment perspective. You leverage your real estate instead of having lunch and dinner be all your business. You leverage your staff. It’s a more efficient operation.”

We have something for everyone

Having a menu that starts at breakfast and goes through evening also gives a reason for customers to visit us more broadly than other QSR franchises. While burgers, hotdogs and fries are delicious, we offer our customers so much more. They can stop in for a quick, on-the-go breakfast, come in for a treat after a ball game, get dinner after school, or come in the late evening for a shake made with real ice cream, just because.
SONIC franchises are unique qsr franchises like no other
SONIC is also beloved because our commitment to customization gives us something to offer everyone at any time. We always have been about customization and optimizing mobile capabilities — whether through our website, app or menu boards — which adds dimension to the customer experience. Our investment in technology creates a digital environment through mobile ordering and payment that takes customization to another level for our customers. This makes it easier to order their SONIC favorites, as well as to create a personalized digital advertising platform that enables us to push tailored promotions to individual customers.

“At the heart of who we are is innovation. We are constantly looking for new ways to make the experience at SONIC greater and more memorable. The people who work at SONIC are incredibly entrepreneurial and want to make sure we are meeting our consumers’ needs and surprising them,” says Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lori Abou Habib.

SONIC is a social hub in communities of all sizes

In every community we’re in, SONIC stands out as a social gathering place that is bustling with activity — morning, noon or night. Whether it’s a soccer mom taking her kids to get an after school treat, a dad grabbing an early dinner for his family on the way to music practice or a group of high school students socializing after a sports practice, SONIC serves as a friendly and predictable constant in the community, where food is always hot and fresh and the service is top-notch.

“I own SONIC locations in rural areas, in mid-size towns and large cities, and all of them do incredibly well,” says Ted Kergin, owner of 59 SONIC locations in Louisiana and President of the Franchise Advisory Council. “The reason we’re successful is because SONIC is synonymous with F-U-N. Our customers love us because we’re a brand that lets them celebrate life and enjoy their friends and family in a way the other brands cannot match. When they visit a SONIC, they know they’re going to have a good time. It’s as simple as that.”

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