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For Franchise Information, email [email protected]

What Qualifications Do I Need?

Owning a SONIC franchise requires a particular set of skills and experience

After more than 62 years in business, SONIC® franchise has significant experience in helping entrepreneurs thrive with our brand. While franchising with SONIC has several enormous advantages: nationwide brand recognition, an innovative menu that capitalizes on all five dayparts, a commitment to technology, and more – the biggest advantage will be you, your passion for our brand and your drive to succeed.

Because of this, SONIC has certain criteria that all franchisees must meet in order to franchise with us. Here are the qualifications we require for ownership:

Restaurant background required by at least one operating partner and multi-unit experience preferred

Owning a SONIC franchise is a tremendous investment, and we want to make sure that either you or your operating partner has significant experience in running a restaurant. As a franchise owner, you will be responsible for delivering the exceptional experience our fans expect, and without experience running a restaurant, this will not be possible. Why is multi-unit ownership experience preferred? We want to watch you scale up to multi-unit ownership with us and grow your business over the long-term.

Ability to develop, lead and inspire a management team

As a franchise owner, one of your primary responsibilities will be leading your management team. Day-in and day-out, your management team will interface with your community, and will be stewards of the high quality that your customers deserve. In turn, they will lead your employees from morning to night, helping to make your restaurants not only a great place for your customers, but also a great place to work. You need to be comfortable in mentoring, coaching, training and most importantly, inspiring your management team to greatness on a daily basis.

Sonic franchise owners cutting the ribbon to their new franchise

Strong entrepreneurial skills

The decision to become the owner of any business means that at the end of the day, how successful you are is up to you. While franchising with SONIC means that you have access to industry-leading support from the moment you sign your franchise agreement, you will have to make smart choices to grow your business. We can guide you, help you and coach you on an ongoing basis, and your peers in the SONIC franchise network can help you as well, but you will need to be a strong entrepreneur, with exceptional problem-solving skills, exceptional people skills and have a strong passion to make your business a success.

Active in community

There’s no brand that is as capable of becoming a part of the daily fabric of a community quite like SONIC. From coast to coast, millions make their local SONIC restaurants a part of their regular lives, and this enthusiasm for our brand begins at the moment we announce the opening of a new location. We need franchisees who understand the importance of becoming a part of their communities and who will work tirelessly to ensure that their customers feel the same way about SONIC. We want people who are going to get involved and stay involved.

SONIC franchise owner showing his delicious foodRetail sales

SONIC restaurants are a sales-driven business, and we need entrepreneurs to be invested in growing sales to ensure that their businesses flourish over the long-term. We need you to have a firm understanding of how to run a sales-based business, from managing inventory to marketing and everything in between. Your business acumen is vitally important to the health of your business, which means you won’t be able to be an absentee owner. You will need to know exactly what is going on in your restaurants and always be thinking about how to improve your performance.

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